Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Launches May 7!

The wait is almost over. Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam on May 7, 2020! Add it to your wishlist now to be notified when the game is released!

Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl is a full 8-bit retro beat-em-up experience with big levels, big bosses, dope combos, and irreverent references to the View Askewniverse. Mall Brawl can be played solo in a 1 player experience where you swap between both Jay and Silent Bob strategically or played with a buddy, in a 2 player co-operative experience, where you fight your way through mallrats, delinquents and security guards to find your way out of the mall and back to the Quickstop.

Check out the awesome, intense trailer for the game below:

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