NES Cartridges Out of Stock

Just a note – all physical NES cartridges are now out of stock. I may look into some options for having physical versions of EB and Alfonzo available in the future, but likely won’t be self-publishing another run again. Until then, both games are available on Steam and Both stores include a NES ROM along with the Windows version of the game, so if you’re looking to play now, these are great options to check out!

2 thoughts on “NES Cartridges Out of Stock

  1. Hello
    I’m interested in a physical copy of Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure on NES
    When do you plan a new release please ?

  2. I’d love to do another physical run of carts but I’m not sure when this will be possible yet. If you added yourself to the notify list you’ll be updated if this changes though!

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