Spoony Bard Productions is a developer and publisher of brand-new retro-style video games run by Tomas Guinan. The Spoony Bard has existed in various forms since 1997, as a way to share original digital media content, including games, music, and animation.

I’ve been a gamer my whole life, and the NES was the system that truly inspired me as a child. In 2017, I combined my passion for the NES along with the characters from Eskimo Bob, and created my first NES game. It was around this point that The Spoony Bard evolved into Spoony Bard Productions.

Ever since then, the goal has been simple. Create the best games that I possibly can and share them with the world. I want to bring new ideas and experiences to the system that brought me so much joy throughout my life, and I hope that brings joy to other people as well. I also hope that you snap your controller in half and throw it against the wall. If you do that, please be sure it’s during a live stream. That would truly bring me joy.