Fun Fact: 8-Bit HUD

Here’s a fun little fact. I’ve been playing around with the HUD, trying to make it as truly 8-bit classic looking as I possibly can. I now have it looking so good that if you were to take a screenshot of the game at any time, crop the edges a little, and resize it down to 400×240 (the resolution of a 3DS screen), the pixel art resizes perfectly without any distortion whatsoever. I’m going to try to keep this type of attention to detail true throughout the game at any point where this style is used, such as menus and dialog boxes. I realize it doesn’t affect the game itself in any way, and the style of the main game is still going to be using the thick lines associated with the show, but I think this kind of pixel-perfect attention to detail just makes for a better experience. There are few things more annoying than inconsistent pixel resizing and positioning!

Pixel Perfection

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