Petit Computer

Petit Computer is a DSiWare title that uses a custom version of BASIC. It’s pretty cool.

Petit Computer Games

Okay, so it’s only one game. There may be more someday, you never know.

  • Pitman – Pitman was an old BASIC puzzle game written back in 1985. It was remade for the Game Boy as Catrap, but with different level designs. My version is completely rewritten from scratch and mostly uses the original level designs instead of the Catrap versions, but a few have been altered due to slight differences in the game physics. Your goal in the game is to collect all the bags of gold in each stage. The 1985 version had some strange gravity mechanics that were too jarring to look at, so it was easier just to alter the level designs somewhat. I think only 4-5 levels out of 50 are affected, and only 2 have been completely replaced. I wasn’t ambitious enough to create my own graphics or music, but it’s a remake of a nearly 30 year old title that I didn’t create so I think it’s good enough as is. Definitely not bad for a first attempt anyway. QR codes can be found here.

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