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Metroid, as it was on the Famicom Disk System

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February 25, 2001

About the game
Metroid is another classic game that you really shouldn't need an explanation for. This game is another one which came to us ever so slightly modified. The original Japanese release was for the Famicom Disk System (FDS). The disk system version had a saved game option, much like that seen in The Legend Of Zelda, which was replaced by a password system in the English version. It also has an extra sound channel. This makes a lot of the music in the game sound a lot cooler! Same classic gameplay though. So if you want to relive those days of playing Metroid on your NES, but want the added bonus of saved games and better music give this one a go!


About this translation
I did this mostly just for the sake of doing it. I did it partly just to play around with an FDS ROM too. I didn't refer to our version of Metroid at all during the translation, which may or may not add to its originality that much. The game had very little text, but what is there, is now in English. And not to brag or anything, but I think my title screen is frickin sweet!


You obviously can hack it, so why the name?
CAN'T HACK METROID is an old romhacking joke from way back when. If I remember correctly, some guy called X posted that on Demi's old rom hack/translation message board. That was the whole post... and he expected help. No description of what he/she could/couldn't do or wanted to do or anything. So naturally as childish as we all were we laughed at them and turned the phrase into a joke. I refuse to let this joke end, so I named this patch to honor it. If X is out there and knows about this... that makes it that much funnier.


In case I screwed up somewhere
If you see something wrong with the game, just let me know and I'll try to fix it, and release a new and improved patch.

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